A company blog is one of the best outreach tools to inform people what the company has been up to and where they expect to be headed in the future. But as with any blog, coming up with new and exciting content on a regular basis is sometimes difficult. Here are some creative conversation starters to get you going:

  1. Personality Quizzes
  2. How To Save More Time
  3. Improving Your Credit
  4. Mindfulness
  5. What Makes A Great Leader
  6. Work And Life Balance
  7. Communication Tips
  8. Spending Money To Create Time
  9. Podcasts
  10. The Value Of Vacation

Personality Quizzes

Every business is filled with a variety of personalities. Have your blog readers take a personality quiz to find out what kind of person they are!

How To Save More Time

Businesses and individuals alike are always looking for ways to cram more things into the 24-hour day. After all, it’s the most valuable thing we have!

Improving Your Credit

Any business must maintain a good line of credit. Without it, they are doomed to fail. Blog posts like this can focus on the simple steps readers can take to improve their credit, while also building a trust relationship with your brand.


Any company can write a blog post about mindfulness. This is the idea that you can be fully aware of what’s going on around you to better assess the task at hand.

What Makes A Great Leader

Leadership is an especially hot topic — typing “leadership” into Google gets ~354 million results! Readers want to know how to be better leaders in their own way, so a post on this topic will be particularly relevant.

Work/Life Balance

Highlighting the importance of a healthy work/life balance shows readers that you are a company that cares about the wellbeing of your employees.

Communication Tips

The most effective tool to be used by any business is communication. By providing your readers with communication tips, they can improve a wide variety of business relationships almost instantly.

Spending Money To Create Time

This topic can dive deep into the many studies that show people who spend money to create time, such as hiring a lawn or cleaning service, get more happiness out of this type of purchase as opposed to buying physical items. This can also be tied in very well to your product.


Many employees commute every day to work. For this reason, a post about top podcasts — or even creating your own — is always relevant, no matter what industry the reader works in.


Far too many employees experience burnout and fail to do their best possible work. Discuss exotic destinations or fun staycations in your area. If an employee recently returned from a vacation, have them write about their experience.

All of these ideas and so many more can be implemented at any time to increase viewership of your company’s blog. By making your company appear more personable to your target audience, it will help grow your business over time.