There is a lot of competition among lending businesses. In order to make your lending business stand out from the competition, be sure to incorporate the following features into your website. Doing so will give your lending business an edge over your competitors.

Use Everyday Language

Don’t expect your consumers to be able to understand all the technical jargon associated with the money lending industry. Use everyday language. You want your consumers to be able to easily consume the information on your site pages. This will be the foundation that will support the rest of their buyer’s journey. A good example of a site that understands the need for consumers to comprehend all the terms related to borrowing money is Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Establish Trust

Consumers are naturally wary about borrowing money. They want to make sure that the lender is a reliable source of information. Money borrowing is so complex that it’s easy to get the wrong information. A good example of packing information onto their pages to help establish a trust relationship with potential customers is Low VA Rates when they talk about their home loans. This lending business stands out from the competition by empowering borrowers with everything they need to make an informed borrowing decision.

Offer Fast Approvals

When consumers want to borrow money, they are often in dire circumstances. They have an immediate need for funds. In the past, borrowers had to wait weeks to find out if their application was approved. Now, consumers expect to be able to find out right away if they will be able to borrow money. To make your lending business stand out, offer fast approvals. The faster you can approve a potential borrower, the more likely that consumer will borrow from your company instead of the competition. A great example of making it perfectly clear that they offer fast approvals within minutes is Avant. The first thing that consumers see when they visit the landing page is that the process only takes about five minutes.

When you can effectively use everyday language, establish trust and offer fast approvals, your lending business will stand out from others in the industry. These three elements will work to attract qualified borrowers to your site. Over time, the solid reputation of your successful business will increase even more.

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