You have worked hard to build a successful company, and it is now time to show it off to the world. Drive engagement with your brand by using social media regularly. Here are some tips to help make sure that each post has a chance of going viral.

Use Correct Grammar

Proofread your post to make sure that you used proper grammar before you ever post it. Remember that many users equate the quality of your post with the quality of your products, so try to make it perfect. According to Your Dictionary, “run-on sentences, comma splices, wrong pronouns, misuse of apostrophes, lack of subject/verb agreement, and misplaced modifiers are the most common grammar mistakes people tend to make.” Before you ever let the public see your post, make your harshest critic who got an A in writing critique it. If that is not possible, try reading your post aloud or read each word in the post backward to spot any errors.

Know Your Character Limit

Using the right number of characters drives engagement regardless of the social media platform. It is different, however, on each platform. Word Counter explains, “in general, Facebook posts with 80 characters or less receive a 27 percent higher engagement rate.” Count on using between 71 and 100 characters to deliver your message on Twitter and between 138 and 150 to make your point on Instagram. You can use up to 500 characters on Pinterest, but if you want to get long winded, then use between 1,900 and 2,000 words to drive engagement on LinkedIn.

Employ Great Images

Go ahead and buy a subscription to a good photo site as you will need great images for your post. While everything that you do should stay true to your brand, choose an image that will leave a powerful mental picture in the mind of the viewer. Inside Design reinforces, “never settle for a blurry or low resolution image. Also try to steer away from stock looking photography. It has a time and place, but as a banner image or as the image of your company, it looks bad, and doesn’t reflect well on your company.” Always make sure that your selected image goes with the story that you are trying to tell. In the case of social media, the chosen image may be the only thing that your targeted audience ever sees, so make sure to make it memorable.

Remember that fewer words means more engagement, but make sure to use them correctly. Choose ones that deliver a powerful message that easily resonates with your target audience. Then, enhance your post by choosing a clear image that leaves an impression on the viewer’s mind. When you accomplish all three of these tasks successfully, then you will have a great post that will become hot on social media.

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