In your small business, your customers are your best support system, and because of that, they are also your secret to success. Once you have a good-sized pool of loyal customers, you can use them to grow your business organically. When people like your company, they are more than willing to help you become more successful.

Incentivize Referrals

By creating a loyalty program for your customers, you can offer rewards or points for taking certain actions that help to grow your business, like referring their friends. Many businesses choose to offer discount codes to the customer and the friend they referred to if the friend makes a purchase. This encourages your customers to share your business because, for very little effort on their part, they get something in return. As a result, you often end up with a new referred customer, and the original customer will continue to support your business as well. The referrals can be sent through an automated email or from the customer sharing about your business on social media.

Ask for Reviews

Reviews left by your customers drive your sales more than you realize. About 50 percent of adults read reviews before making a purchase. By asking for reviews from every purchase, you can increase your positive reviews online, as most unprompted reviews tend to be negative. When potential customers read a raving review, they are more likely to spend their money because they know their purchase from your business would be worthwhile. As with the referrals, you can incentivize reviews to encourage the customers to act. More reviews also increase the traffic on your business’ website as it will be more likely to show up on a search engine.

Social Media Following

If your online business also uses social media to market your products, do not forget about those who follow your pages. When a social media account has more followers and follower engagement, its automated systems are more likely to share your content with others. You can also grow your outreach by connecting with popular content creators on the platforms and use them to promote your business. This helps you reach out to a new demographic and gives you reputable references for your product.

A smart business owner knows how to use all the resources available to them. Customers that enjoyed your product want to help your business grow, but you have to reach out to them for help. By utilizing your customers, you can quickly become a household favorite because of your customers’ influence.

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