The internet has changed the way everyone does business. You can share information quickly and communicate in real time. At the same time, online computers are susceptible to many types of cyberattacks like data phishing, ransomware, and nuisance viruses. By following a few cybersecurity protocols, you can protect your business from many of these attacks.

Strong Passwords

To the business employee, passwords can be an inconvenience. It is just one more thing to remember. The easiest thing would be to use the same password for every account. This can be a very dangerous practice. When a hacker figures out the password to a low-value account, he may suddenly have access to much more valuable information. Every account should have a unique password that is a combination of digits, letters, and symbols.

SSH Encryption

Secure Shell, or SSH, encryption uses a key-based system to allow a remote user to communicate with another computer securely on an unsecure connection. By comparing keys, the computers on either end of the communication authenticate each other before any data can be shared. Effective SSH key management is the secret to successful implementation of this encryption scheme. As with passwords, if someone can get access to an SSH key, he or she can get access to your system.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection

The threats to online computer systems are constantly changing. Sometimes people have the attitude that since they have never had a problem, they will never have a problem in the future. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new programs. Part of the job of cybersecurity software is to stay up on the latest viruses and malware, defending your system against it before it can get on your computer. At the same time, all employees need to be trained about basic information on virus prevention, such as not opening attachments from someone you do not recognize.

Back Up Important Files

Ransomware is a growing problem in the online world. The developers of these programs can hold your data hostage until you pay them to set it free. Other computer viruses erase data from your system to create a nuisance. It is important to back up important files to protect them from loss or misuse. This process used to be a matter of placing them on a zip drive or other physical storing device. Now, with cloud-based backups, your important files can be held on several independent servers, protecting them from loss.

Lost or stolen data can create many problems. Infected computers cost your business time and money. Investing in basic cybersecurity can help your business thrive without interruption.

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