Running a business can be a great experience for many entrepreneurs, although the current job market favors employees over employers. Since job seekers have many choices available to them, it’s important to make your business and job postings stand out. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on what your company can do to attract new talent and get a better team.

Budget for Salary

When trying to attract new talent, money is always going to be a deciding factor. It can be hard for smaller startups to compete with larger companies. However, there are a number of ways you can make your positions more appealing. Try to stay competitive. You won’t get any interest if you only offer the bare minimum. Make sure the salary has some kind of appeal and then add on the benefits.



First, it’s important to emphasize what a small startup or business can offer over its larger competitors. When employees accept a job offer at a company like Amazon or Microsoft, it’s unlikely they’ll be in a position where they can influence the development of a product or service. Instead, it’s likely they’ll be maintaining existing processes at a company. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can have a profound impact on an employee’s ability to innovate and feel valued.

As an entrepreneur you have a leg up here in offering new employees direct control over the services or products you offer. With smaller companies, each employee will be able to have a more significant impact on the development of a product or service. Unlike large companies, employees at smaller businesses will have their voices heard.



When advertising for a job opening, consider listing employee autonomy as a job perk. Some of the best employees will be able to use the autonomy you give them to make significant improvements to a company. Maybe new employees will have the opportunity to startup social media advertising or customer management. Use their talents to make your business better. It’s also important to give employees a stake in the company. With a small startup, each employee can potentially receive a larger share of the company, which can be a huge selling point. Make sure they feel like an individual and a direct contributor to overall success. It’s much more empowering than simply holding down a desk job.


Other Benefits

It’s always a good idea to offer non-financial job perks to employees. While it won’t work for all positions, consider offering daycare for employees with children. In addition, allowing employees to bring dogs or other small pets to work can be a great way to offer added benefits without going overboard. Allowing employees to work from home is a great perk too. While too many remote workers can damage company cohesion, allowing more employees the opportunity to work from any location can be a great choice in gaining recruits you really want, but might not be able to afford relocating. In particular, companies that are located in high-cost areas like San Francisco or Seattle can benefit from allowing remote workers. Since housing costs in these areas are very high, giving employees the opportunity to work from home can help them save money. This can be a great way to get new talent and improve morale of existing workers.


Getting good employees is all about your strategy in how you market and disperse your job applications and postings. Be sure to target places that are sure to get you talent and talk to head hunters and recruiters to get the best or up and coming in the industry. Have employment background checks to help in vetting resumes and getting you people who are best qualified. With a bit planning and extra time, you can get a great team in just a few steps.