Customer service is often thought of as solely the concern of brick-and-mortar businesses who have foot traffic and look eye-to-eye with their customers. But even online companies need to have customer service standards, procedures, and protocols. To find out what kinds of customer service your business is missing out on, here are some solutions you should think about implementing.

Multiple Lines of Customer Service Communication

One of the best ways to provide above-average customer service is to give multiple options for care and questions. Not all customers will want to call or email; some may prefer to chat or text. Having these options available ensures you can give customers the type of contact method they prefer. For many small businesses, the idea of providing phone support is intimidating, until they realize they can outsource to a call center. Outsourcing with a reputable company gives you access to specialized staff with outsourced communication services like foreign language support, advanced ticketing, and highly detailed documentation systems. Plus, you gain a larger workforce and more flexibility in your communication channels at an affordable price.

Follow-Up After Delivery

After a customer has received the product or service you provide, have an automated text or email go out checking on their satisfaction level. Not only does this help them realize you care about their needs beyond making the sale, but it also offers you the opportunity to give them a coupon to use toward future purchases or to ask them to leave a review. Your channel of communication stays open and you have more options for future sales.

Respond Within 24 Hours

One of the worst feelings for customers is when a company or service provider ignores their attempts to reach out. When a customer contacts you during off-hours, make sure you respond within 24 hours of receiving their communication. If you need longer than that, you may want to make it clear on your email form and website that responses can take longer. Alternatively, you may want to consider outsourcing your online communication efforts so you have representatives available more frequently for immediate customer satisfaction.

Use Automation for Customer Service

Automation is your way of getting the responsiveness of multiple employees without hiring a single one. The way it works is by setting up automatic response messages to go out when a customer contacts you when you are not in. These automatic responses can let them know of alternative methods to reach you, where your FAQ is located, and how long they should expect to wait for a response from you. Your business can also set up automatic notices for social media, advertisements, and newsletter-type emails. This can help you stay on track and improve your image with customers looking to connect.

You can’t have a business without customers. Whether those customers are paying product users, investors, or other businesses, keeping them happy truly is the secret to success and longevity for your company. Use these customer service secrets to improve your reputation and give your users a better all-around experience.