Making a big impact on a low budget website.

Majority of business owners are looking to go cheap with a low budget website in order to attract potential clients. There is much to expect with a cheap website that every business owner must know before making this decision but there is a solution to get a decent ROI on a cheap website.

Consumers are on the Internet.

Your companies website if now the face of your business and where consumers are looking for additional information. When making a decision to go with a low budget website, you as the business owner can expect a simple layout and content that is provided by the business owner. Most business owners just want a cheap website up and won’t consider investing in branding, layout, content, and functionality.

Internet users go to search engines to make a decision.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important and necessary when a consumer is searching for a company or a product in particular. Quality web designers will include SEO and build a companies website with SEO in mind. There is some designers/developers that will have SEO as a separate charge. Which in a way does make sense if you are advertising low budget websites for cheap. If you as a business owner are looking for a cheap website, don’t expect your company or product to be searchable with Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Creating a website with SEO takes a great deal of time but is worth to invest in.

Majority of Internet users is on mobile.

As a business owner, you might search for cheap website design at the same time there are consumers searching for a product that you have on their mobile devices. 80{e4032a17d1bae43e7ed6b393875f0dbad9cbc87d9a1b5ed9bfc2eea14ce73beb} of Internet users are on mobile and making their decision this way. With a low budget website, a designer will not have mobile responsiveness in mind. With today’s new technology and website themes that are mobile responsive, you don’t want to have all the information that is on the desktop to be on mobile. You will want your website to be mobile friendly and keep your end user engaged with images and less content. With a low budget website, your websites mobile responsiveness will be considered but not much time will be invested in it. Don’t lose potential clients over functionality, invest in mobile optimization.

User-friendly websites will gain credibility and value.

Not only does your website must have good content but also interactive. You don’t want to have a potential customer come to your website and not guide them. Consumer need direction and information when making a buying decision. What to keep in mind with a low budget website is funneling your potential customers to buying customers. A cheap website will not have the flow that will guide your online users nor will there be the right amount of CTA (call to action) buttons throughout. Suggest investing in your websites flow. As a business owner, you will want to align your business goals with your online presence.

ROI with a cheap website.

As a business owner, you want to see a return on investment right away with your new website. This is where honesty will build trust and business owners will value your expertise. When building cheap websites, most designer/developers will upload a template and change a few things and make your site live. Most business owners will be OK with the final product until they see their website is not producing any potential leads. Hopefully, by this time they won’t be jaded by the experience they had and now invest in their online presence.

Building your own website for FREE.

Business owners are welcomed to build their own websites but let’s break down what it takes to create a good quality website.

1. Purchase a domain name
2. Purchase hosting
3. Create a flowchart or design plan for your websites
4. Have a color scheme
5. Logo design
6. Professional photos
7. Basic knowledge of:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL
8. Find a template to work with
9. Upload files
10. Create page content
750 words minimum
11. Meta Data/Tags
12. Keyword(s) placement
13. Test, Test, Test

There is much more to list but this is the basics you must know if you are wanting to go with own low budget website.

Advice to those who are doing your research on a new web design. Invest in your online presence with an experienced designer/developer as you will see an ROI with the engagement of potential clients/leads your website produces.

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