(Featured image courtesy of Soberlink)

Did you know that motivational marketing through social media platforms can be enough to inspire sales? If you didn’t and aren’t using motivational quotes to create dialogue, now it’s time to do so. You’d be surprised at how quickly people respond to a heartfelt post with a shareable quote on it. In fact, it could very well be the thing that drives sales to your website because it gives your brand authenticity.


Here are some of the ways you can use social media and motivational marketing to inspire sales:

  1. To create a spirit of giving. If you have a charity that you donate part of your proceeds to, partner up with them to take some incredible photographs to share with your customers. Add a relevant quote and remind fans and followers that your business supports worthy causes. Encourage people to give to others by purchasing products from you. This is a great way to win over new customers with a conscience because they want to buy from companies that care. They’ll see how you’re trying to improve the world around you and respond to the call of action you’ve created.
  2. To weather tough times together. Today’s online climate can be tumultuous to say the least. That’s why it’s important to band together during times of struggle. By sharing a heartfelt message and motivational quotes (such as in this example), you show the softer side of your business. People get a feel for the people behind the brand. They get to experience your authenticity which makes them want to support your business more.
  3. To help people realize their true potential. Perhaps you were precisely where your customers are today just a few years ago. Maybe, you want to help them with their dreams, encourage them to get fit or start their own profitable business. Motivational quotes and curated content adds value to the customer’s life. It makes them feel as though someone is cheering for their success. This is among the most important motivational marketing strategies there is. When you get people to believe in themselves, you restore their self-confidence. They reward you by being loyal customers of yours long-term.

Motivate people to buy from you. When you present your company as the type of business that has a vested interest in the health and well-being of your customers, it shows. They’re loyal to your brand through and through. Best of all, they’re the first to share your posts with other people on their own social media walls and feeds. Of course, motivational posts can’t be the bread and butter of your social media, and you will need some other content as well. You can get help from a social media management team if you need to, or if you have time, research and create a robust, balanced social media account.